What is an escape room?

An escape room is an adventure where you have to solve different puzzles as a team. You usually get 60 minutes to complete all challenges and succeed. The first escape rooms usually had the goal to literally escape from a room. Now there are many different missions and quest available. For example you have to solve a murder or save a train. You enter the escape room together with friends or family. At Backspace Escape Rooms we have 5 different escape rooms, each with it's own theme and goal.

Puzzles in an escape room

What is a puzzle? The puzzles in an escape room are all different. At Backspace we find it important that the puzzles connect well with the theme and that you can solve puzzles in different ways. For example, there are puzzles that you must solve by using objects that you find in the room. For other puzzles you need different senses, or practical insight and creativity.

If you solve a puzzle you get further in the story. For example, doors open, there are special effects or drawers open with new objects so that you can solve another puzzle. We do not have puzzles for which you need to be strong, fast or know about math. This allows everyone to play an escape room, young and old.

Themes escape rooms

An escape room usually has a certain theme. The rooms are completely decorated in this theme with matching furniture and objects. This makes it feel like you're really in a different world. For example, if you are in the Orient Express, you will literally enter a dining car and a machine room. Or if you choose our Sherlock Holmes escape room, you will walk through an English cottage. You start on the outside of a beautiful brick house. Inside, everything is in style: a floral chair, a large rug and matching wallpaper.


You may be used to playing games against others. This is very different in an escape room. You play together. To solve the challenges, it is important that you work together, communicate well, think creative and stay focused. That way you and your group will be able to solve the puzzles. Sometimes you can only solve a puzzle together with someone else, for example because you have to do something in two places at the same time.

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