What is an escape room?

What is an escape room?

An escape room is a group activity. The goal is to escape from a room within 60 minutes. An escape room consists of one or several rooms with puzzles in it. You have to solve all of the puzzles to escape. You can play the escape rooms of Backspace with 2 till 5 people. It's a perfect activity for a family group of friends of company. 

Puzzles escape room

We'll explain more about the puzzles in the escape room, so you can get a better picture of what you can expect. All the puzzles in an escape room are different. But they all have the same goal: find a key or a code so you can unlock a lock or a door. By opening the locks, you'll find objects or you can enter a whole new room. To solve the puzzles you have to use items that you'll find in the escape room. Or you can solve the puzzle by using your creativity or the technology in a room. 

Sometimes you have to search for items. If you combine all these items, you'll find a code. With this code you can open a door. Or you have to solve a puzzles that requires a special skill. The puzzles are never very physical. So you don't have to be strong, fast or supple. So everyone can play an escape room, younger or older, man or woman. It's fun for everyone.

Themes escape rooms

All our escape rooms have a theme. All the rooms have the look and feel of this themes. All the furniture and items in a room are related to this theme. So you'll feel like you've stepped in a whole other world. The themes of the Backspace escape rooms are: Orient Express, Sherlock Holmes and Mindcrime.

In the Orient Express room you'll enter an old train, but you'll also have to solve puzzles on the platform. Enter an old English cottage in our Sherlock Holmes room. Everything is in cottage style, the garden, the furniture, the wallpaper.  Or step in the surreal world of Mindcrime, where everything is black and white. 

Work together

Maybe you're used to playing games against other people. But an escape room is entirely different. You'll work together instead of against each other. You can only escape if you solve the puzzles together, because you'll have to communicate, collaborate, think creatively and logically. If you do that, you'll be able to escape our rooms. Sometimes you can solve 1 puzzle by yourself. But for another puzzle you'll need somebody else,  because sometimes you'll have to do something at 2 places at the same time. So experience the fun of collaboration in an escape room and book one of ours.

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