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Are you curious about what others think of our escape rooms? Below you can read a number of reviews of Backspace Escape Rooms. There are many websites where you can read reviews from us. To save you the time to look them all up, we've put the links to the reviews on this page.
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reviews backspace escape rooms

A real brain teaser. Various assignments that you must complete to get the solution. Carrying out assignments together with family and friends in a small environment, great! - Buddy on Facebook

Cool that there are several rooms to discover with different themes. I found the puzzles challenging and the special effects complete it. Really recommended! - Heleen on Facebook

Very nice escape room with various missions to come to a solution to enter into the next room. Team working and thinking is necessary but not essential for a good result. - Arthur V. on Tripadvisor

Played the Sherlock Holmes escape room with friends. Friendly welcome from the staff. The escape room is very nicely executed and from start to finish you imagine yourself in a different world! Fun and challenging puzzles and it is nice to notice that you really need each other for that. - Evelien on Tripadvisor