Prices escape rooms

The costs for our Black Box escape room are € 27.50 per person. On Mondaynight we have a discounted price of €22,50 per person. The costs for Time machine are € 17.50 per child and per parent. The prices of Orient Express, Sherlock Holmes and Mindcrime are based on the room you play and the number of people you play with. This way we keep our rooms affordable for everyone. Both for people who come in pairs and for larger groups. Below you can see an overview of the prices.

Aantal personen Sherlock Holmes en Oriënt Express Mindcrime
2 € 75,- € 80,-
3 € 88,50 € 97,50
4 en meer € 99,- € 109,-


We also have packages for company outings, children's parties and bachelor parties. Do you want to know more? Request a quote or read more on the page about packages.

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