Frequently asked questions

Corona virus update
(last update 13th of January)

Are your escape rooms open?

No, sadly we had to close our doors again. Due to the ongoing lock-down. We'll be back in business as soon as we are allowed to.

Can you play with people from different households?

At the moment we're closed. But when we're open again (and the guidelines allow it), yes, this is certainly possible.

In the Mindcrime, Orient Express and the Sherlock Holmes we ask you to limit the number of people to 4 people, in that case. The Time Machine can be played with 2 families in 1 room, of course with 1.5 meters apart. We have adapted the Black Box so that it can be played with 12 people from a maximum of 4 different households! Due to the current rules, the Black Box, even in modified form, temporarily cannot be played . As soon as we get together again in larger groups, this escape room will also be available again!

Which precautions does Backspace take to prevent the spread of the virus?

We do a lot of differents things to precent the virus from spreading.
1. Our staff wears gloves during their work and will always keep their 1,5 metres distance for all players. The staff member that joins the plays in the Time Machine will wear a face mask.
2. When you enter our facility we will ask you some questions about your health. Just to make sure you don't have any symptoms of the Corona virus. Every group of players will get their own spot in our lounge and will have their own toilet. So you won't come into contact with players from other groups.
3. We also ask you to wash your hands before playing our escape room or disinfect them with disinfecting gel. If you want we have plastic gloves available to wear in the escape room.
4. Of course we disinfect and clean our escape rooms thoroughly after every group. And it's not possible to stay for drinks after playing the escape room.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, you can. Due to the Corona virus you can cancel your booking at any time. We will send you a payment link for the escape room and you can play the escape room some other time. The credit remains valid indefinately.

Book and cancel

Can I book an escape room myself?

Yes, you certainly can. Go to our booking page by clicking on the green button on top of this page, select the day and escape room you want to play and check the available times. Choose a time and book your escape room. You can pay immediately or after playing the escape room.

Do I have to pay upfront?

If you book an escape room with us you can pay upfront, but you don't have to. For children's parties and company events we offer the option to either pay at our location or pay by invoice (if requested in advance).

How can I pay?

You can pay in advance with iDeal, PayPal or credit card. Or you can pay with cash or card at our location. For our business customers it's possible to pay with an invoice.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, you can. Due to the Corona virus you can cancel your booking at any time. We will send you a payment link for the escape room and you can play the escape room some other time. The credit remains valid indefinately.


Playing the escape rooms

How long does it take to play an escape room?

Our escape rooms take about 60 minutes to play. Black Box takes 75 minutes.

With how many people can I play the escape rooms?

We have 5 escape rooms. In 4 of these escape rooms you can play with 2-6 people. In our Black Box escape room you can play with 7-24 people at the same time.

What time should I be with you when I play an escape room?

We ask you to arrive 15 minutes before your playing time. This gives us time to explain things and for you to get ready to play the rooms.

Can I book an escape room exclusively for our group?

When you play an escape room with us, you always play with your own group. You don't play together with other people you don't know. Do you want to play escape rooms with a big group? Then you can use our facility exclusively, including the escape rooms and our lounge.

About our escape rooms

Are your escape rooms scary?

No, our escape rooms aren't scary. They are exciting. But our rooms aren't designed to frighten you or have any jump scares.

Can I play an escape room after having some drinks?

Playing an escape room under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not permitted. And it's also not much fun. Because our moderators need to focus on moderating the escape room, it's not possible to stay in the building of your drunk or under the influence of drugs. If you arrive with someone who's under the influence you still have to pay for them, even though they cannot play.

What do the escape rooms cost?

The price you pay depends on the escape room you play and the number of people you're playing with. In general this ranges between 19,50 and 27,50 per person. Please check the booking page for the current price details.

Which escape rooms do you have?

You and your team are thieves who hunt for the wealth of rich people. But you do this in a very special way: by breaking into someone's thoughts. You will find clues in the memories. Combine everything you discover and discover the secret of the main character. But make sure he doesn't wake up!

Sherlock Holmes
You will receive a list of suspects. The police can only hold them for 1 hour. Will you be able to find out in time who killed Mrs. Peacock's sister?

Oriënt express
Board the Orient Express. Take a trip on this beautiful old train. What might start as a quiet journey soon becomes an exciting adventure!

Black Box
Are you the perfect team? Only the perfect team can activate the Black Box to solve all major world problems.

Time machine
Time Machine is an escape room for children. Professor Jacobs is stuck in the past. Can you manage to free him?


Escape room for kids

Do you have escape rooms for kids?

Yes, escape room Time Machine is specially designed for children. A Backspace supervisor is in this escape room to help the children if they get stuck. We have special hints for children for Mindcrime and Orient Express. And we watch a camera while we play, so we can help the kids get started a little at the right time.

From which age are the escape rooms suitable?

Children can play our escape rooms from the age of 9 and up. For children under 13 years old, a parent goes with them in the room as an accompanying person or to play together.

Can we have a childrens birthday party with you?

Yes, you can. Due to the Corona virus it's not possible to book the birthday package, but it's still possible to book a birthday party without the package.
Normally you can book a package for children's parties via our website. The costs are € 22.95 per child. Including the escape room, unlimited lemonade, some candy and a small gift after the game. If you book the package, you can use our birthday room in our building for about halve an hour after the game. You can unpack presents here and chat about the game. You can read more on the birthday party page.

As a parent do I have to be present while the kids play an escape room?

For the Time Machine it is not necessary, because there is a game master in the room with them. But depending on the group of kids, we can ask you to join them.
However, we do ask parents to stay in the facility. We have a comfortable lounge with drinks and snacks. Here you can sit and relax while the children play an escape room.

Are the children younger than 13 years old? Then a parent goes along in the Orient or Mindcrime escape rooms. This is fun for the children, but also for the parent. Then you can experience what the children do and how much they like it.

Do I have to pay when I supervise my kids in the escape room?

No, you don't. If you only go along as supervisor you don't have to pay. You only pay when you are actively playing the escape room with them.