Black Box

7-24 players Play with 7-24 mensen at the same time in 1 escape room. Find out if you can activate Black Box. Are you the perfect team? Learn more


2 - 6 / 6 -12 players In this special Escape Room you break in in someones thoughts. You have 60 minutes to crack his memories before he wakes up ... You can also play this Escape Room against each other in 2 identical rooms! Learn more

Orient Express

2 - 6 players You board the Orient Express in this adventurous escape room. Discover the secrets in a real adventure. Are you fast enough to save the train? Learn more

The Time Machine – Escape room for children

8 - 15 players The spectacular escape room for children. Play it with 8 to 15 children in the same room at the same time. From 9 years and older. Learn more

Sherlock Holmes

2 - 6 players A detective game, escape room style. Who killed Ann? Discover the secrets of the Peacock family and find out who did it. Learn more

Our escape rooms

Backspace escape rooms Amsterdam has exciting, challenging and modern escape rooms. We ensure that each of our escape rooms is a real experience for our guests. All our rooms are decorated in a theme, so it is just like stepping into a film set. And of course we use the latest techniques to give you an experience that you won't forget.

We have 5 different escape rooms: Sherlock Holmes, Orient Express, Mindcrime, Black Box and The Time Machine. Think logically, smartly, creatively and work together. This is the only way to solve our challenging and surprising puzzles. You will not forget this exciting experience!

Do you have questions about 1 of our rooms? Or do you want a quote for a bachelor party or company outing? Then contact us. We are happy to help you!