Escape room Time Machine

Time Machine - Escape room for children's and families

Time Machine is our newest escape room for children. We have developed the escape room especially for children of age 9 and up. An exciting experience where you discover new rooms and have to escape within an hour! You play with a minimum of 8 persons and a maximum of 15 person. Everyone plays in 1 team, but you work on the puzzles in different groups. There is always a game master present in the escape room to give hints if you get stuck. It is also possible to play this escape room as a family. The costs are € 17.50 per child and 24,50 for an adult. 

Team Escapers,

My time machine has gone crazy! I got stuck in the past. Nobody has been able get the machine back on. And even if you succeed, you only have 1 hour to fix it. Otherwise we are all stuck in the past ....

Help me!

Professor Jacobs

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With how many players can I play Time Machine?

You can play Time Machine with 8 to 15 players.

Is an escape room not too hard for children?

No, children are smart! We have designed the Time Machine especially for children. The puzzles are made so that children can solve everything themselves. There is also always a Backspace game master present in the escape room for a hint.

From what age is Time Machine suitable?

Escape Room Time Machine is suitable for children with the ages of 9 and up. From the age of 13, children can play Black Box or one of our other escape rooms.

How long does it take to play this escape room?

You will have a maximum of 60 minutes to unravel the mystery of this escape room.

Does an adult have to accompany the kids ?

In the Time Machine you do not have to join as a supervisor. But depending on the group of kids, we can ask you to join the kids in the escape room. We do recommend to join as a supervisor, because it is a lot of fun to experience. We do, however, ask the parents to stay in our building.

Customer reviews

"Fantastic experience. We played this room with the family and it was a super fun family activity. The puzzles are perfect for children and adults. Very nice staff."- Laura on

"My daughter and her friends really enjoyed the Time Machine escape room and the party was a hit! The staff is also very helpful and kind. I would highly recommend it"- Elif on Google

"Children (8-10 years) had a great time. They were very proud to eventually solve the, sometimes tricky, puzzles. A few a small hints kept the speed in the game. Fun, amusing and exciting." - Patrick on

"Recommended. Also for children. We were with group 8ers, kids love it, fun puzzles." - Ertan on Google