Sherlock Holmes Escape Room

Are you a real Sherlock Holmes?

"Early November 1885, West Bromwich, England. I noticed a black glove, just visible in the dim light of the lamppost. The door of the Peacock couple's house is open. Strange. I know I should walk on, but my curiosity prevails. I push the door further open and peek inside. What happened here?"

Sherlock has asked for your help. The police has arrested six suspects, but they can only hold them for one hour. Will you be able to find out in time who killed Mrs. Peacock's sister? Solve all the puzzles and discover all the secrets to find the murderer.

Find the murderer (14+)

Sherlock Holmes is a beautiful escape room, completely decorated and with unique special effects. We have improved this room last year with new puzzles and effects and since then it has been rated with an average of 9 out of 10!

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With how many people can I play Sherlock Holmes?

You can play Sherlock Holmes with 2 to 6 players. Due to the Corona virus, the maximum number of players may differ. See About us / Corona for the most recent guidelines.

How much does Sherlock Holmes costs?

The prices of Sherlock Holmes are as following:

2 players: € 37.50 per person
3 players: € 29.50 per person
4 players: € 27.50 per person
5 players: € 24.50 per person
6 players: € 22.50 per person

Can I play this escape room with 7 players?

With 7 players, we strongly recommend that you do the Mindcrime Team Battle or the Black Box. They are specially designed for it. Our experience is that with 7 players in one room, it is just a bit too busy and there is not enough to do for everyone. It is allowed, so if you want to come with 7 players, let us know. The 7th person then pays € 22.50 extra.

From which age is Sherlock Holmes suitable?

Escape Room Sherlock Holmes is exciting, but not scary. You can play this escape room with kids of 9 years and older. If kids want to play the Sherlock Holmes on their own, they have to be at least 14 years old.

How long does it take to play this escape room?

You will have a maximum of 60 minutes to unravel the mystery of this escape room..

Customer reviews

"Backspace Escape Rooms has exciting rooms, beautiful decors, cool and surprising special effects and very challenging gameplay! We escaped from the Sherlock Holmes room just in time!!" - Dave on Google

"I did Sherlock Holmes with friends. Very surprised by the effects and technique used, which makes this escape room really special. I say go for it!" - Maarten on Google

"Sherlock Holmes is a very nice and surprising escape room. It contains cool light and sound effects. And it was exciting. But that's all I want to say, you have to experience it for yourself!" - Irmgard on Facebook

"We did Sherlock Holmes and it was great fun. The puzzles were not too difficult, but not too simple either. It had the perfect balance in which our group could excel."- Andrew on Google