Orient Express Escape Room

Stop the Orient Express

It is 1931 and you are on a platform in London. You are ready to board the Orient Express to Contantinople. You cannot wait until your beautiful train journey to the east begins. But boarding the train is not as easy as it seems. And are you sure you want to get in? Play the Orient Express escape room!

Discover the secrets on board

In this Orient Express escape room you solve creative and challenging puzzles. It is a real journey of discovery through an old train. You search the restaurant, the sleeping compartment and the locomotive. But what starts as a quiet train ride quickly becomes a wild adventure. The music you hear, the decoration and the light and sound effects create a beautiful experience. Will you and your friends be able to save the Orient Express in 60 minutes?

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With how many players can I play Orient Express?

You can play escape room Orient Express with 2 to 6 players. Due to the Corona virus, the maximum number of players may differ. See About us / Corona for the most recent guidelines.

How much does Orient Express cost?

The prices for escape room Orient Express are:

2 players: € 37.50 per person
3 players: € 29.50 per person
4 players: € 27.50 per person
5 players: € 24.50 per person
6 players € 22.50 per person

For kids of 9 t/m 13 years old the price is € 19.50 per child (only possible for groups of at least 4 players).

Can I play this escape room with 7 players?

With 7 players, we strongly recommend that you do the MindCrime Team Battle or the Black Box. These escape rooms are made for more than 6 players. Our experience is that with 7 players in one room, it is just a bit too busy and there is not enough to do for everyone. It is allowed however, so if you want to play with 7 players, let us know. The 7th person then pays € 22.50 extra. Due to the Corona virus, the maximum number of players may differ. See About us / Corona for the most recent guidelines.

From which age is Orient Express suitable?

Escape Room Orient Express is exciting, but not scary. Kids from the age of 6 years can play along with their parent. For kids parties we have a version of the room for kids of 9 years and older.

How long does it take to play this escape room?

You will have a maximum of 60 minutes to unravel the mystery of this escape room.

Customer reviews

"We have played Orient Express. It was a fun experience with interesting puzzles! We will definitely be back to try out another escape room." - Lennart on Google

"The Orient Express was my first escape room, but it was a super fun experience! The rooms were very nicely made and the puzzles I found original. Fun theme!" - Naomi on Facebook

"Amazingly beautiful escape room, the Orient Express! Beautiful decoration, good puzzles, good accessibility, perfect!" - Anne on Google

"I have played escape rooms before, but I thought this was the coolest! It was a surprise how many rooms there were to discover and especially the light and sound effects and technical elements made it a fun experience!" - Jacqueline on Google