Mindcrime Escape Room

Uncover the secret
Play the Mindcrime escape room and enter another world. You and your team are mind hackers who try to steal the secrets of the rich and famous. But you do this in a very special way: by breaking into someone's thoughts. Know you have received an assignment to enter the mind of mr Jacobs. You will have to find clues inside his memories to figure out the secret he is hiding in his safe... But make sure he doesn't wake up!
Mindcrime is a the best choice for players that like to explore many different rooms during their experience. Because you are in his memories, these spaces are also very different from what you are used to ...

Play against each other
Mindcrime is a battle room. This means that you can play with two teams against each other in the same time in identical rooms. Which team escapes first and with the least hints? A great choice for larger groups such as teams, bachelor parties or families.

Are you with a group between 6 and 12 people and you want to play against each other in two teams? Then you book 'Mindcrime Battle Room'. Is your team a maximum of 6 people? Then you book one of the 2 Mindcrime games.

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How many players do I play Mindcrime with?

You can play the Mindcrime escape room with 2 to 6 players. We have 2 Mindcrime escape rooms, so you can also play against each other in the Mindcrime Team Battle. You then play against each other with 6 to 13 players.

Can I do an Escape Room with 7 players?

With 7 players, we strongly recommend that you play the Mind Crime Team Battle or the Black Box. We think that with 7 players in one room, it is just a bit too busy and there is not enough to do for everyone. It is of course allowed, so if you want to come with 7 (or 13) players, let us know. The 7th person then pays € 22.50 extra.

How much does Mindcrime cost (up to 6 players)?

The prices for escape room Mindcrime are:

2 players: € 37.50 per person
3 players: € 29.50 per person
4 players: € 27.50 per person
5 players: € 24.50 per person
6 players: € 22.50 per person

For kids of 9 t/m 13 years old the price is € 19.50 per child (only possible for groups of at least 4 players).

How much costs Mindcrime Team Battle (6-12 players)?

The prices for Mindcrime Team Battle are:

6-7 players: €27,50 per person
8-10 players: € 24,50 per person
11-13 players: € 22,50 per person

For kids of 9 t/m 13 years old the price is € 19.50 per child (only possible for groups of at least 8 players).

Is Mindcrime a battle escape room?

Yes, Mindcrime can be played as a battle escape room. We have 2 rooms in which you can play escape room Mindcrime. Want to play Mindcrime in 2 teams against each other? Then book Mindcrime Team Battle.

How can I book Mindcrime if I want to play in 2 teams against each other?

You can book Mindcrime Team Battle through our bookingsystem, if you want to play in 2 teams against each other. Having trouble booking on our website? You can also contact us by phone or email.

From what age is Mindcrime suitable?

Escape Room Mindcrime is exciting, but not scary. You can play this escape room with children from the age of 9 and up.

Can I also play Mindcrime with a birthday package?

Yes, you can. But because of the Corona virus it's temporarily not possible to book the package. It is possible to book an escape room birthday party without the package.
Normally our birthday package is € 22.95 per child. This includes the escape room, a private room where you can unwrap presents, unlimited lemonade, candy and a small gift for all children. If you click on the green booking button on the booking page, you can add the birthday arrangement in the next step.

How long does it take to play this escape room?

You will have a maximum of 60 minutes to unravel the mystery of this escape room.

Customer reviews

"Very nice and challenging escape room! We played Mindcrime with four of us and escaped just in time. The puzzles are sometimes tricky, but you can figure it our for sure!" - Rene on Google

"Nicely done, had a very nice time. We did the room Mindcrime. I think as a battle room it would have been even nicer. Definitely recommended here!" - Renske on Google

"Well thought out story in which I got completely carried away. Original puzzles that were challenging but not too difficult. Nice addition to the Amsterdam entertainment scene." - Lucas on Google

"Nice, challenging escape room. We played the Mindcrime rooms with 2 teams against each other, which is extra fun because you also fight against the other team." - Karin on Facebook