Escape room for families

Escape room families

Thinking about playing an escape room with your family? That is an excellent idea! An escape room for families is a perfect activity. It's suitable for all ages, because it's fun to solve mysteries and puzzles together. You really have to work together as a family. And if you like a little competition, than you can play against each other. So an escape room is a very good alternative for playing midget golf together, doing a workshop or go on a city mission.

Fun for young and old

The themes of our escape rooms are suitable for everybody of the age of 8 and older. The rooms are exciting but not scary, we don't have horror themes. For families with children around the ages of 8 till 12, we advice to play Mindcrime or Orient Express. With children older than 12 you can also play Sherlock Holmes. Each of these escape rooms can be played with 2 to 6 people each. We have 2 Mindcrime escape rooms, so you can play against each other in 2 teams.

If you are with a group of 10 to 24 people, you can also play our escape room for large groups: Black Box. You can play with the entire group in 1 escape room at the same time. Black Box is suitable for families with children 0f 8 yeard and older.

Work together

The fun thing about playing an escape room with your family, is that you really have to work together. You need each other to solve all the puzzles. You'll discuss, try out and win together. And maybe you'll even discover some hidden talent of your brother, cousin or mother. At the least you'll have enough to talk about at the dinner table after playing an escape room. Or have a drink and a snack in our lounge and talk about your escape room experience as a family.

What does an escape room for families cost?

Our Black Box escape room is €22,50 per person. It lasts 75 minutes. Our other escape rooms last about 60 minutes. Oriënt Express and Sherlock Holmes are €99,- for 4 to 6 people and €88,50 for 3 people. Mindcrime costs €109,- for 4 to 6 people and €97,50 for 3 people. If you want to play Mindcrime against each other in 2 groups, you book 2 Mindcrime escape room. So the costs are €218,- or €195,-.

Like to book?

You can book our escape room yourself on this page of our website. Select the date, time and escape room you would like to play. You can pay immediately with credit card, Paypal or iDeal. Or you can pay with credit or debit card after playing the escape room.

Would you like some more information first? Or would you like us to also arrange a dinner of lunch? Please do not hesitate to contact us or filling in the form on this page. We are happy to help!

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