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An escape room company event. Whether it is a team outing of 8 people or a company outing of 50 people, at Backspace you can be sure of a successful day. Would you like to give a presentation? Play an escape room? Coaching session? Have a drink? Or have diner? Everything is possible. We can help you create the perfect company or team event. Do you want to receive more information about our packages? Request a quote using the form on the right or contact us.

We have 4 different escape rooms for a company outing or team outing. In total you can have up to 50 people play at the same time.
Our Black Box Escape Room is a unique experience where you can play with 7 to 24 people at the same time in one escape room. You really have to work together as a team to escape together.
Our two Mindcrime escape rooms are suitable for competitive teams. Here you play in two teams of up to 6 people against each other to see who can escape first.
You can play our Oriënt and Sherlock Holmes escape rooms with 2 to 6 people at the same time.
On this page you can read more about our escape rooms. The costs for our company escape rooms are € 24.50 excluding 9% VAT per person. Due to the Corona virus, the maximum number of players may differ. See About us / Corona for the most recent guidelines.

Why choose an escape room for a company event?

An escape room is an ideal company outing because:
- Everyone can play, regardless of age, skills or experience
- The focus is on communication and collaboration
- You experience a unique experience together
- You get to know each other better

With how many people can we play?

We have 5 escape rooms. In total you can play escape rooms with 50 people at the same time, spread over our 5 escape rooms. Four of these escape rooms are suitable for 2-7 people. Our Black Box escape room is especially for groups. Here you play with 7-24 people at the same time. Due to the Corona virus, the maximum number of players may differ. See About us / Corona for the most recent guidelines.

What are your options for company or team events?

We do not only have escape rooms, we offer much more: a meeting room with a beamer and whiteboard, a presentation room, coaching, team building, dinners, lunch, drinks and a other games to extend your event. Want to discuss the best option for your company or team? Give us a call or send an email. We are happy to help.

How can we pay?

You can choose between paying in advance or afterwards. You can pay in advance via our website when you make your booking. You then pay with iDeal or credit card. You can also pay afterwards. You pay with a pin or credit card after playing the escape room. If you contact us before playing, it is also possible to pay on invoice.

Can we have drinks or something to eat at your location?

It is not possible to eat and drink something at our location.

Where can we park?

It's possible to park for free in the parking lot next to our building. We have space for a limited number of cars. If you come with more than two cars, please contact us in advance. Then we ensure that there are enough parking spaces available. There are also parking places in front of our building. The costs for this are € 0.10 per hour for the first 3 hours and it is free after 19.00 and during the weekends.

How can we make a booking?

Do you want to know exactly what your company outing at Backspace will cost? Or would you like to discuss the possibilities for your company? Please contact us using the form on the right or send an email to

Do you want to book an escape room right away? Of course that's possible. Go to our booking page on the website. Select the date, time and escape room that you want to play. You can pay immediately with iDeal, credit card or Paypal. It is also possible to pay afterwards with a pin or credit card.

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Customer reviews

First time I have played an escape room as a team event with my Nissan colleagues. Greatly enjoyed it. The team I was in played the Mindcrime room. Was really good. The dinner package is also highly recommended. Thanks! Hope to see you again soon. - Sanjay on Facebook

Played Blackbox with 16 colleagues, fun challenging puzzles. Highly recommended to play this room with a large group. Reception is good, everything well taken care of. - Rob on

Fifth visit to an escape room and certainly the best I have played. We did Sherlock Holmes with 4 colleagues and got a task: unmask the murderer. We succeeded!! Well thought out rooms with surprising effects! - Carien on

Played Black Box with colleagues, very cool! Perfect combination between small and entire group assignments. Good guidance and everything arranged great! Hospitality was very important for the host! Recommended! - Esther on Facebook

Black Box

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Orient Express

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The Time Machine – Escape room for children

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