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Escape room birthday party

Backspace is the place for an escape room birthday party. The children are very excited and the parents are happy that it is well organized. It is fun for children to solve a mystery and do puzzles together. They are working intensively together for an hour: exploring, collaborating, discovering things. Playing an escape room is an ideal solution for an original birthday party. We recommend an escape room for children with the ages of 9 and above. They can play three of our escape rooms: The Time machine, Mindcrime (Team Battle) or Orient Express.

The costs are then €17.50 per child for the Time Machine and 19.50 per child for the other escape rooms.

With how many kids can we play the escape room?

There are a few options. You play the Time Machine with 8 to 15 children simultaneously in one escape room (which has multiple rooms). For the Mindcrime battle rooms you can play with 6 to 13 children. They are divided into two teams and play in identical rooms against each other. You can play the Orient Express or Mindcrime escape rooms with up to 6 children at the same time.

Are the escape room suitable for children?

Yes, they are! They can be played by children aged 9 and up. The Time Machine is specially designed for children. There is a supervisor from us in the escape room to help the children if they get stuck. For Mindcrime and Orient Express we have special puzzles for children. And we follow the game with a camera, so we can help the kids a little when they get stuck.

Where can we park?

You can park for free in front of our building on the weekends and after 19.00 in the evenings (otherwise the costs € 0.10 per hour for the first 3 hours).

As a parent do I have to be present during the game?

For the Time Machine a parent does not have to go into the escape room with the children, because there is a game master present in the room. However, the parent can go in for free and is something we definitely encourage since it is a lot of fun watching your children play. Depending on the group of kids, we can ask to parents to join in the escape room. We do ask parents to stay in our building, if they don't join the kids. For the Mindcrime and Orient Escape rooms, we ask that a parent joins the children when they are younger than 13 years old. Most importantly, we definitely recommend you to join your children in the room. You can join for free and it is a lot of fun watching your children play!

Do you have drinks and something to eat?

We don't serve drinks at our location. We are next to a Burger King and to Studio Westpoort, so if you want to have something to eat before or after, you could do that at 'our neighbors'.

How can I make a booking?

You can make a booking by clicking on 'view times and prices' below. Select the day you want to play and the escape room (s) you want to book. Then click on reservation and you can optionally book the birthday package. You do not have to pay in advance. You can pay on the day with a pin or credit card.

Would you first want to receive more information or would you like to discuss? Then contact us.

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Customer reviews

We have booked Orient Express for our daughter's 11th birthday. It was a big success. We found the escape room very beautiful. There were different rooms to discover. The level was neither too difficult nor too easy. The children enjoyed it. Highly recommended! - Dorota on Facebook

Been here 2 times for a children's birthday party and still impressed by the nice rooms, the enthusiasm of the supervisors and the friendly welcome! - Bea on

Did not know what to expect, but the welcome and explanation promised a lot of good things. Children had a great time and were very proud to solve the occasional tricky puzzles. A few hints here and there kept the speed in the game. Fun, amusing and exciting. - Patrick on

It was very nice and well organized. Birthday party for my son with 9 friends of 10 years. Exciting, educational, learn to collaborate, learn to listen. And that went well. They were very enthusiastic! - Marit on

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