Escape room birthday party

Escape room birthday party

We would like to make a suggestion for a fun and original children's birthday party: an escape room birthday party. It's very fun for children to work together and solve puzzles. For a whole our they can investigate, work together and discover things. Playing an escape room is an ideal solution for an unique birthday party.

Which escape rooms children can play?
We recommend to play our escape room with children that are at least 9 years old. They can play three of our escape rooms. Mindcrime: in this room the children will break in in someones thoughts and try to discover the combination of the vault. Orient Express, in which they will board a train. They can discover several rooms in the train and have to try and stop the train before it derails. Or they can play Time Machine. In this escape room the kids will have to escape from the past.

How many children can play in an escape room?

Orient Express: 2 - 6 children
Mindcrime: 2 - 12 children (we have to Mindcrime escape room, max 6 children per room)
Time Machine: 8 - 15 children

Escape room birthday package
To make a escape room birthday party as easy as possible, we offer a birthday package. This includes the escape room, free lemonade, sweets and a present for every child. This takes about 2 hours and the costs are €22,95 per child. The costs include the escape room. When you book the escape room birthday package, it's to use our lounge to unwrap giftes or to bring your own birthday cake.

It's also possible to just book the escape rooms without the birthday packages. You only pay for the escape rooms. It's €99,- for Oriënt Express and €109,- for each Mindcrime escape room. Or €17,50 for Time Machine.

We have a nicely decorated lounge with some board games. You can have a drink and play a game before or after playing the escape rooms.

Bookings or more information?
You can book the birthday package or the separate escape room yourself by clicking on the green button below. Select the date, time and escape room you would like to play. In the next screen you can select the birthday package. You don't have to pay immediately.  You can also pay after playing the escape rooms. It's possible to pay with debit or credit card.

Woud you like to discuss something or would you like more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us or fill in the form on the right site of this page.

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