Escape room for companies

Escape room for companies

Play an escape room with your company or your team. We can arrange an unique experience, custom made. That's Backspace Escape Rooms for companies. Planing a company party for 2 till 50 people? We make sure everything is exactly as you wish. Have a meeting? Play an escape room? Lunch? Dinner? Coaching session? Everything is possible. We love to create a perfect escape room experience for your company or team. 

Why play an escape room with your colleagues?

An escape room is a great thing to do with your company or team members, because you really have to work together and communicate. You'll listen to each others ideas, discuss different solutions and decide the best course of action. And, everybody can participate, because there are no physical challenges. Our escape rooms are suitable for men and women of all ages. 

Unique for Backspace Escape Rooms is the possibility to play escape rooms with big groups, up to 50 people. You can play with 50 people at the same time, in our 5 escape rooms.

Below are some suggestions for companies. But if you have something else in mind, off course that's possible. You can contact us and we'll work something out together.

Play an escape room with 2 till 50 people

We have 5 escape rooms. Four of them are suitable for 2 till 6 people. The themes are: Sherlock Holmes, Oriënt Express and Mindcrime. The last one can be played with 2 teams against each other, because we have 2 Mindcrime escape rooms. We also have an escape room for large group: Black Box. It can be played with 10 to 24 people at the same time . It's unique in the Netherlands and a very good option for larger teams. 

Escape room and have a meeting

Have a meeting first and then play an escape room? Or the other way around? We have a nice meeting room, suitable for 12 people. Off course we'll make sure there is coffee, tea and water. And it is also possible to have lunch. If you play an escape room, the use of our meeting room is free of charge. 

It's also possible to book our conference room. If you don't want to play an escape room, it's still possible to rent our conference room. It fits 2 till 18 people. It has free wifi, use of beamer and flip-over, coffee, tea and parking.

If you need a bigger room, then book our lounge. You can use it exclusively for your team, company or party. Our lounge is suitable for 40 persons. We can arrange different settings in the lounge, for example a meeting setting, presentation or an informal reception.

Escape room with teamcoach

Does your team or company use the unique skills and qualities of everyone? Combine playing an escape room with a training or coaching session with our teamcoach and find out. During this sessions we find out what the strong and weaker points of your team are. And we also take a look at the specific qualities of the individual team members. We analyse the way you work together, the communication, the leadership, creativity and how the team handles stress.  Our coach can observe the team while they are playing the escape room. Afterwards he discusses his findings and he can also put his analysis in writing.

The costs of this teambuilding session are €45,- per person, plus the costs of the escape room. We can also make this a complete team package with a lunch, dinner or drinks.

Food and drinks

We have a lounge with a bar. We serve coffee, tea, soda, beer and wine. It is possible to pay for the drinks afterwards or we can include all drinks in a package. We can also serve lunch, dinner or snacks. 


We have free parking next to our building, at our own parking space. In front of our building, on the street, you can also park. The costs are €0,10 per hour.

Interested in a personal quote?

Would you like to know what we can do for your company? Or would you like to discuss different options? Please us. We are happy to help! Send an email to  or call +31 20 7373 126

escape room for companies

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