Escape room bachelor party

Escape room bachelor party

Do you really want to do something fun for a bachelor or bachelorette party? Hens of stag do? Something everybody will talk about all do? Play an escape room! An escape room bachelor party is the perfect activity. Everybody can participate. Young or old. Man or woman. Fanatic or rookie. Gamer or no gamer. Unique at Backspace escape rooms is our escape room for large groups: Black Box. It's perfect for bachelor parties, because you can play it with 10 to 24 people at the same time in the same escape room.

Perfect start of your bachelor party

Our experience is that playing an escape room with a bachelor party is the perfect start of the day. You'll work together, listen to each others ideas, and think creative. But not everything will go flawless. So you'll quickly get to know each other and you'll have something to talk about all day or evening. A lot will happen in 60 minutes! So it will be a great experience!

Play Black Box with the whole group

The unique aspect of an escape room bachelor party at Backspace, is that you can play with the whole group in 1 escape room at the same time. Our Black Box escape room  can be played with 10 to 24 people. For 75 minutes you'll play this surprising and exciting escape room with your group. You'll work together in several different groups and even with the whole group.

Are you are with less than 10 people? No problem!  You can play in our Mindcrime escape rooms.  We have 2 Mindcrime escape rooms, both can be played with 2 to 6 people. So play with with everybody in 1 escape room or split up and play against each other in 2 Mindcrime escape rooms.

You can book Black Box and the Mindcrime escape rooms on our website yourself. Check this page for availability.

What are the costs of the escape rooms?

The costs of our Black Box escape room are €22,50 per person for 75 minutes. Our Mindcrime escape rooms cost €109 each, for 4 to 6 people. Would you like to have a drink afterwards? Then you can buy drinks in our lounge or you can buy a drinks package for €9,50 for an hour.

Dinner and Drinks

A bachelor party and having a drink are a good combination. That's why  you can have a drink and a snack in our lounge. We can arrange that your whole group can sit together, so you can talk in private about your escape room experience, tell embarrassing stories about the bachelor or eat something. Because you can also have dinner or lunch at our location.

Outdoor activity? Play our city game!

Are you looking for an outdoor activity? That's also possible. We have a fun and exciting Amsterdam City Game. You'll discover the city during this adventurous city mission. Like to know more? Check out this page! The City Game can also be combined with our escape rooms. So you'll have activities for the whole day and you don't have to plan anything else.

Book an escape room bachelor party?

If you want to book an escape room bachelor party, you can do it yourself on our website. Click on the green button below. Choose an escape room, date and time. You can pay immediately with credit card, Paypal or iDeal. Or you can pay on the day itself at our location with debit or credit card.

Would you like some more information or would you like to discuss something first? Please do not hesitate to contact us or fill in the form on this page. We are happy to help and respond very quickly!

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