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Backspace escape rooms Amsterdam is founded with the idea in mind that escape rooms can be better, more professional and more spectacular. An escape room should be a real experience. The puzzles should challenge you, and sometimes even scare you. You should have the feeling that your are in a whole other world for 60 minutes. That's why we searched for the best escape rooms designed by international escape room designers, with innovative and challenging puzzles. And all our rooms have surprising light and sound effects. So you really experience something unique.

Several different escape rooms

Backspace escape rooms has 5 escape rooms, with 4 different themes. So you can play with 2 till 20 people at the same time.  Each of our rooms can be played with 2 till 5 people at the same time. We have 4 different themes: Black BoxMindcrime, Sherlock Holmes and Oriënt Express. We have 2 Mindcrime rooms, so you can play with 10 people at the same time. So this is a good choice for a bachelor party or birthday party.

Lounge and bar

After playing an escape room you can relax and chat in our bar. You can discuss this one brilliant brainwave, a scary moment or your teamwork. In our bar we offer a small range of drinks and snacks. We serve soda, beer, coffee and tea. We also have light snacks like potato chips, nuts and chocolate. 

Our escape room packages

Do you want to play an escape room with your company or with a big group of friends? We would love to make a custome made offer for your group. We have a conference room you can use, we can offer lunch or drinks. There are a lot of possibilities. We can check out our packages here or you can contact us.

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