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Black Box

7-24 players Play with 7-24 mensen at the same time in 1 escape room. Find out if you can activate Black Box. Are you the perfect team? Learn more


2 - 6 / 6 -12 players In this special Escape Room you break in in someones thoughts. You have 60 minutes to crack his memories before he wakes up ... You can also play this Escape Room against each other in 2 identical rooms! Learn more

Orient Express

2 - 6 players You board the Orient Express in this adventurous escape room. Discover the secrets in a real adventure. Are you fast enough to save the train? Learn more

The Time Machine – Escape room for children

8 - 15 players The spectacular escape room for children. Play it with 8 to 15 children in the same room at the same time. From 9 years and older. Learn more

Sherlock Holmes

2 - 6 players A detective game, escape room style. Who killed Ann? Discover the secrets of the Peacock family and find out who did it. Learn more

Reviews Backspace Escape Rooms

Played an escape room together with friends. It was very cool! Lots of details in the rooms. Was really nicely made! And we were very impressed with the effects! Good guidance and hospitable and enthusiastic employees!Maxime on

Very nice escape room, easy to reach. Got it as a surprise gift, was very nice! Jort on Google Reviews

Very cool escape room! I have already done more, but I thought this was really cool. The atmosphere was very exciting, and there were lots of fun puzzles where you really have the opportunity to move forward. Was with a few colleagues and was a really cool experience! - Thomas on

Beautiful design and surprising technical effects. Challenging puzzles that suit every type of player: the puzzler, the searcher, the smart ass, the connector. - Wim on

Backspace Escape Rooms

Do you dare? Can you escape from one of our escape rooms within 60 minutes? Think logically, smartly, creatively and work together. You will never forget this exciting experience ...

All our escape rooms are an experience. You step into another world for a moment. Completely dressed in the theme and with the latest technology. Backspace Escape Rooms is the location for an outing with friends, family, team or company.

Backspace Escape Rooms Amsterdam has 5 different escape rooms. With our team we are constantly designing new rooms and maintaining and improving our existing escape rooms.